Building Sands


Quarried sand containing particles ranging from 0mm to 2mm


Bulk bags

Poly bags


Conversion factor: Approximately 1.6 tonnes per m³
Conforms to: BS EN 13139 Aggregates for Mortar

Typical Uses

  • Used to create a smooth easily worked mortar for laying bricks, blocks, paving and internal rendering/plastering
  • As a bedding layer where a stone free sand is needed

Useful Information

  • We supply from many quarries that produce building sand of different colours and each quarry can see changes in the sand colour over time. Additionally, the silt content can vary which changes the workability of the sand in a mortar mix

  • Whenever possible buy your sand in one single load for the project to ensure consistency of colour and we recommend you keep the sand moist when held on site

  • There are two main production methods either dry screened or washed

  • Building sand is also known as mortar sand or soft sand

  • More information is available on the NHBC website 

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