Our Customers

Day Aggregates provides a wide range of products to a diverse customer base, which includes companies within both the Builders Merchant and Construction industry.

Our Builders Merchant customers include Travis Perkins, Jewson, Grafton, Parker Building Supplies and Sydenhams.

The main areas we supply for the construction industry are concrete structures, highways, sports pitches, embankments and utility contracts.

We have a dedicated and experienced team supported by a well-established infrastructure, enabling us to be the chosen business partner.

Our Service

Our Network

Bagging Plants

With our 10 bagging locations based across the south of England, we currently process and deliver over 1.25 million tonnes of aggregates in bulk and poly bags each year.   

Ideally situated in quarries, rail terminals or on wharfs, the bagging plants process a huge variety of prepacked materials to meet our customer’s needs. 

In addition to the static plants we also have 2 mobile 25kg packaging machines which can be deployed directly into quarries or next to stockpiles for seasonal and flexible solutions. 

Transport & Logistics

Our fleet of more than 165 lorries is accredited to the FORS ‘Gold’ standard. We own our trucks and directly employ our drivers. We are able to call on the services of hundreds of third-party contract hauliers to enable us to fulfil the biggest of orders and meet all of your expectations. 

For loose and bagged aggregate, Day Aggregates has a dedicated Logistics team at each of its sites enabling you to have a named point of contact at your local supplying depot, plant or site. 


9 sites handle more than 50 trains per week, saving road miles and reducing congestion, pollution and carbon emissions. 

Recycling Plants

plants recycle 1 million tonnes of incinerator bottom ash and construction and demolition arisings each year; minimising waste and lorry miles whilst maximising the life of our precious natural resources. 

Take a look at our bagging plant