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Water Treatment Projects

Day Group has always been a forerunner in the promotion of secondary aggregate used in water treatment projects.

Day Group has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirement of ISO: 9001 for the provision of filter media to the water industry. All aggregates used and produced are compliant with existing industry standards.

Ashford Sewage Treatment Works, Kent

In August 2012 Day Contracting commenced works at Ashford STW on behalf of the main contractor BTU and client Southern Water.

Ashford STW is one of Southern Water's largest treatment plants, handling waste water generated from 1.4 million people in the Kent area, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

As part of a total scheme value of 8.5 million, Day Contracting was awarded a 2.7 million percolating filter refurbishment package. It is the largest single contract to be undertaken in the UK for 25 years and represents a major endorsement of the use of blast furnace slag in percolating filters on large waste water treatment works.

The duration of the scheme is 18 months and will involve the supply and installation of over 50,000 tonnes of media.

Using Day Group's extensive knowledge and experience of railway freight, we are transporting all the new blast furnace slag from its source at Port Talbot in South West Wales to a rail-head just 1.5 miles away from the site entrance. It is estimated that Day Group has eliminated 760,000 road haulage miles by using this method of transportation.

As part of Day Group's commitment to the environment, we are also recycling all the old media that will be excavated as part of the contract. Where possible, some of the media will be washed, screened and used again on site. Where this is not possible, the material will be recycled into other aggregates suitable for construction use.

It is expected, that of the 50,000 tonnes of waste generated, Day Contracting will achieve a 98% recycling rate.

Brize Sewage Works

Our contract at Brize Sewage Works was a 1200 cubic metre refurbishment carried out for Thames Water in 2004.

Installation of precast concrete tiles were used to aid suspension of flow through the filter media. This was part of a 6000 cubic metre refurbishment contract carried out in 2004 requiring the filter media to be reprocessed and re-used within the filter bed - providing both a cost efficient and environmentally effective solution.

TWA Colegate

A solid concrete floor was laid during the 2010 TWA Colegate contract which also involved the update of the feed and outlet pipes and installation of a new Humas tank.

The filter media used was air cooled blast furnace slag - a secondary aggregate produced as a by-product of the smelting industry.

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