Recycled Aggregates

As recognised by BS EN Standards and the Specification for Highway Works (SHW) Recycled Aggregates can be used in the same way as many traditional aggregates.

Day Group offers an extensive range of recycled aggregate products.

Sub-Bases Using Recycled Aggregates

Day Group specialises in supplying sub-bases using sustainable recycled materials.

Specification Designation

Type 1 to SHW Cl803

Type 2 to SHW Cl804

Class 6F4 SHW 600 series

Class 6F5 SHW 600 series

Type 1 to SHW Cl803

Type 1 to SHW Cl803

Type 4 to SHW Cl807

Material Used

0/50mm Recycled Aggregate

0/50mm Recycled Aggregate

0/50mm Recycled Aggregate

0/125mm Recycled

0/50mm Asphalt/Recycled


0/50mm Recycled Asphalt

Type 1 Recycled Aggregate

Crushed, screened materials produced in house by our state of the art recycling plants, situated across London and the South East. Available nationally.

Recycled Type 1

Type 1: EcoBlend™

A mixture of primary and recycled aggregate, combining the advantages of both. Click here to see more on our EcoBlend™ products (pdf)


Type 1: Recycled Black and White

A competitively priced mix of crushed concrete and crushed asphalt.

Crushed Asphalt

Type 2: Recycled Aggregate

An unbound sub-base material with more fines and a wider grading envelope than Type 1. Normally used as a layer under Type 1.

Type 2 Recycled

6F5 Recycled (Formerly 6F2 Recycled)

Typically used for capping sub formations prior to laying Type 1 or Type 2 sub-base. Well graded material ranging from 125mm to dust.

6F5 Crushed concrete

6F4 Recycled (Formerly 6F1 Recycled)

Finer Capping Layer used in the same applications as 6F5 but with a finer grading. Generally 50mm to dust and evenly graded.

6F4 Recycled Aggregate

Type 3 Recycled (formerly Type1x Recycled)

40mm unbound mixture utilising recycled aggregate. Used for sub- base applications as per the Specification for Highway Works, clause 805. Generally open graded with a reduced amount of fines (not zero fines) to improve drainage in comparison to Type 1. Widely used for sports pitches, equestrian arenas, driveways and tennis courts where drain blockage may be an issue, particularly where SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) legislation is imposed. Also used as a sub-base material in hard standings, haul roads, paths and patios.

Type 3 Recycled

6N and 6P Recycled

Selected granular fills for use in embankments and as backfill to concrete structures. 100% passing a 75mm sieve with no more than 15% passing 63 microns.

6N Recycled

Road Planings

Waste product of road resurfacing, used for hard standing and ideal as a finished surface for building sub-bases and farm tracks. Not suitable for drainage trenches.

Road Planings

Crushed Asphalt

A crushed recycled material with good cohesive qualities, often used as a hard core for temporary roadways and as a sub-base. Normally supplied as a 0-50mm and often referred to as a Type 4.

Crushed Asphalt


A recycled glass product used as a paving sand under block paving and concrete slabs. EcoSand offers an effective use for waste material and addresses issues of sustainability. Once used as an aggregate, EcoSand can be recycled again. Click here to see more on EcoSand.


Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate (IBAA)

Energy from waste facilities produce a bottom ash (IBA) that can be processed to make an aggregate (IBAA) suitable for earthworks, pavement construction and the manufacture of asphalt. Click here to see more on IBAA.


Further guidance on the use of recycled materials can be found at

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