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Day Group supplies various types of drainage aggregates throughout London, the South East and across the UK.

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Paving and Driveway Aggregates

Permeable Pavement Materials

Driveways handle surface water by being permeable. Free draining permeable pavements incorporate a sub-base of a specified material such as 10/63mm, 4/20mm and 2/6mm clean stone.


BS 7533-3:2005. Day Group's inert EcoSand, produced from recycled glass, is a sustainable alternative to sharp washed sand on which to lay block paviors and slabs. Due to its angular shape, free draining nature and low bulk density, it gives a greater coverage per tonne, coupled with excellent technical performance.


2/6mm Limestone

Used as the bedding layer in permeable paving systems, as described above.

2-6mm Limestone Dust

4/20 Washed Limestone

Used as a sub-base material below the 2/6mm layer in permeable paving systems, as described above.

50-20 Limestone

Aggregates for Pipe Bedding

Day Group supplies aggregates compliant with SHW Series 500/BS EN 13242 for use in drainage trenches and soakaways and single sized aggregates for pipe bedding and surrounds, in line with SHW Clause 503 (Table 5/3).

The aggregate size required for pipe bedding depends upon the diameter of the pipe being installed. Aggregates that can be used include:

Graded aggregate 4/20mm - 4/40mm

Graded Aggregate

Single-sized aggregate 4/10mm - 10/20mm - 20/40mm

10mm Pipe Bedding

40mm Gravel (Shingle)

Not generally suitable for driveways but widely used as a drainage medium for large diameter pipe bedding, soakaways, vibro-piling and landscaping works. This product may vary in colour and shape depending on source.

40mm Gravel

Reject Stone/Shingle

Recycled, re-screened stone supplied to no fixed specification. Generally plus 40mm in size. Used for infill and soakaways where improved drainage is required.

Reject Stone

Filter Media

Day Group also supplies materials for use as filter media under SHW Clause 505 (Table 5/5) including;

Type A

A 0/20mm unbound mixture based on BS EN 13285.

Type A (0-20mm) Filter Media

Type B

A 20/40mm single size aggregate to BS EN 13242. Used in simple sub-soil drainage systems.

Type B (20-40mm) Filter Medias

The images used above are for indicative purposes only.

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