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Blast Furnace Slag Filter Media

The supply, contract laying and full refurbishment of filter media for biological percolating filters began in the early 1960’s. Day & Sons Ltd was a forerunner in the promotion of slag aggregate for this particular use.

Those early years of the Company’s development saw blast furnace slag replace clinker as the preferred waste water treatment medium.

The Product

Derived from modern steel-making processes, air-cooled Blast Furnace Slag Filter Media is supplied compliant with BS:1438:2004, the specification for “Media for Biological Percolating Filters”. 

This material has been and continues to be the most widely used and successful waste water treatment aggregate and is instrumental in reducing the long term operational cost of the water treatment process.

The many beneficial aspects of the use of blast furnace slag as a filter media for waste water cleansing include:

  • Light in weight,
  • Large surface area (up to 150m2/m3) for efficiency in effluent cleansing,
  • Recyclable for continual use within the percolating filter,
  • Structurally sound, therefore allowing foot traffic over the filter,
  • Excellent moisture retention, thereby supporting the bio-mass during drier periods over the summer.

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