Advantages of Using Day Aggregates' Hydraulically Bound Mixtures

The term Hydraulically Bound Mixtures (HBM's) is used to describe soil or aggregate mixtures that incorporate binders based on Cement, Lime, Gypsum and Fly Ash.

Day Aggregates' Hydraulically Bound Mixtures can be used in a range of paving and non-paving applications and offer the following advantages:

  • Versatility in terms of availability of materials.
  • Can be produced to order in Day Aggregates "mix-in-plant".
  • Plant for laying and compaction of HBM is similar to that required for laying and compacting other paving materials such as unbound layers or bituminous bound products.
  • Some HBM mixtures allow the re-use of materials available on site (e.g. soil, demolition wastes) which leads to savings on:
    • Imported primary material thus avoiding the Aggregates Levy.
    • Disposal costs - thus avoiding the costs of sending materials to landfill).
  • HBM gives energy saving benefits via the use of a cold mix technology
  • HBM utilises by-products such as PFA and Slag.
  • HBM gives CO2 savings compared to traditional aggregate sub-base use.
  • HBM usage assists in meeting client requirements for "green" procurement.
  • HBMs manufactured and used against the Specification for Highways Works Series 800 may be considered approved for national use without the need for trials with individual street and road authorities.

Applications for Day Aggregates' Hydraulically Bound Mixtures

Day Aggregates' Hydraulically Bound Mixtures can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Major roads
  • Minor roads and paving, including paths
  • Heavy duty paving
  • Reinstatement of openings, as clarified by the HAUC - Advice Note No. 2009/01 Non-paving application
  • Erosion protection
  • Liners
  • Piling platforms
  • Hydraulically bound fill in embankments and for structures such as dams

HBM Case Studies

Detailed information on use of hydraulically bound materials is provided in the Specification for Highway Works Series 600 and 800. Aggregates should comply with BS EN 13242+A1:2007. The mixture including water shall comply with 14227.

  • For additional information on Hydraulically Bound Mixtures and the many other materials Day Aggregates provides, and their potential uses, contact our Product Manager on 0845 0654 566.

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